Safety, respect and financial security are established through recognized and agreed-upon pay Rates and fees standards.

CADA/West Fees & Rates Standards

Used by numerous artists, collectives, organizations and funders, the CADA/West Fees & Rates Standards serve as a baseline and should be viewed as the MINIMUM requirement. However, it is crucial to recognize that professionals bring unique expertise and experience, and their compensation should surpass the MINIMUM rates. Our rates serve as a tool for sustaining professionals but should not be mistaken for a decent standard of living.

Paying MINIMUMS does not promote equity. It perpetuates the poverty line, as MINIMUM wages are insufficient for a livable income.

Our goal is to support artists in negotiating wages that reflect their experience. We strongly urge artists to advocate for higher rates based on their training, expertise, the demands of the job, and other relevant factors that warrant increased compensation.

These rates are the MINIMUM accepted wages for professional work.

Recommended MINIMUM hourly rates for dancer, choreographer and artistic collaborators
$30/hour — professional
$26/hour — apprentice

Hourly rate is applicable to any hours of work including rehearsals, costume fittings, photo and video sessions, etc.

Artistic collaborators includes different roles within the creative space such as rehearsal director, dramaturge, outside eye, etc.

Apprentice is someone transitioning out of their foundational training and into professional work.

Recommended MINIMUM rate for exclusive weekly

Exclusive refers to a maximum 40 hours/week, where an engager asks the engagee to work solely on the contracted project for the indicated timeframe. The engagee's work outside of the engagement (i.e. teaching commitments) must be disclosed, clarified and mutually agreed upon in advance by both parties in writing.

See CADA/West's Basic Dance Policy, Payment protocols: (A) Weekly rates; and Overtime.

Recommended MINIMUM fee for live/virtual performance
$100 — 5-14 minutes
$150—15-20 minutes
$175 — 21-40 minutes
$200 — 41-60+ minutes

Rehearsal time or other related activity is excluded.

See CADA/West's Basic Dance Policy: Payment protocols

Recommended MINIMUM fees for royalties of original choreography
2%-6% for a minimum of 5 years after the premiere

See CADA/West's Basic Dance Policy: Royalties

Recommended MINIMUM hourly rates for teaching
$35/hour — as an employee
$45/hour — as a contractor
$65/hour — professor/post-secondary

There's a 2-hour minimum when hiring teachers, to account for prep and travel time. Higher rates are expected for workshops and conventions. Activities like admin, meetings, fittings, attending performances, etc. should be negotiated separately.

We suggest that these rates increase in recognition of:

See CRA: employee or self-employed worker?

Recommended MINIMUM per diem rate

For international per diems, match External Affairs listing by country.

Tip: it is important to pay attention to touring grant guidelines when building a touring budget. Pay attention to what expenses are covered by the grant and which expenses must be covered by the touring company.

Recommended MINIMUM rate for administration

Administration fees include non-dance elements of projects. Rate reflects living wage in most cities.

See CARFAC for speaking, consultation and writing rates.

February—June 2022, we conducted ongoing discussions with industry leaders and artists to update the CADA/West Fees & Rates Standards. This prolonged period allowed thorough discussions, leading to a more robust document that reflects today's living wages, industry practices and digital/screen landscape.

Thank you to the committee members for lending your voice, wisdom and care:

Jobina Bardai
Constance Cooke
Joanne Cuffe
Julie Lebel
Josh Martin
Oriana Pagnotta
Deanna Peters
Kate Stashko
Victor Tran
Jessica Wadsworth

November 2021, we hosted Raising Our Game, an in-person and online event that gathered artists from multiple regions to discuss updating the CADA/West Fees & Rates Standards

April 2015, CADA/West voted to increase MINIMUM fees for dancers to refect a unifed national average with CADA-East

2015 CADA/West Fees & Rates Standards

October 2012, CADA/West voted to increase MINIMUM fees for dancers based on survey results and the low income cut-off

2012 Professional Standards & Agreements Advisory Council Recommendations

March 2011, we conducted a survey of the CADA/West membership around fees and rates

Survey Summary — Dance Artist Responses

Survey Summary — Engagers Responses

Survey Summary — prepared by Member Jennifer Law

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CADA/West's Fees & Rates Standards are developed to EMPOWER dance artists. If after consulting with the CADA/West Dance Policy and you still have questions, please contact us.

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