Celebrate International Dance Day/National Dance Week 2013

International Dance Day was introduced in 1982 by UNESCO and is celebrated on April 29 every year. These celebrations are to recognize the contributions of dance/dancers to our societies, to raise the status of the form within official establishments and to bring people together with the universal language of dance.

Throughout the years, many organziations world-wide have created their own take on these celebrations, including several throughout Canada. Please see just some of the National Dance Week activities happening in your home province/territory:

For a list of activities nation-wide (add your own too!), see the CDA‘s list:

National Dance Week activites
National Dance Week Message
National Dance Week—general info

Also, check out what is happening with your provincial dance service organization:

The Dance Centre—Vancouver
Alberta Dance Alliance
Dance Saskatchewan

As dancers we are familiar with the benefits of the form. However, this year, make it a priority to celebrate with someone who may be less familiar with dance. It is this type of advocacy that will develop our audiences and keep dance vital all year through.