Suggested Summer Views

Summer dance research time?! Looking beyond our town, city, province, country, the dance community is massive. Dance on film/video is a great way to see what is going on in our field across the world. Here are some Suggested Summer Views from our recent tweets:

Check out The Dance Current’s videos, including several from FTA MontrĂ©al 2013

What a great tribute! Governor General Performing Arts Award winners honoured in films by the the NFB

‘Undance’ concept videos by @WayneMcGregor (shades of Eadweard Muybridge)

Fun times on Director/Choreographer @rowlsonhall’s website; dance seriously connected to pop culture

We discover our identity by committing to finding out who we are. See the DANCE FILM OF THE DAY by @VideoDanceTV: Identity in Crescendo

Dance/Movement therapy explained and in action

Check out our Board Member Kim Sato (head of @VanSOULdiers) & Treklock vs. Boombeast & @Scramblelock, @Festival_BAM

@griercooper’s Must-See Dance FIlm Faves

Great behind-the-scenes film, Summer of Dance, about @GrandsBallets residency in Paris


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