Alexa Mardon; photo Yvonne Chew

This member-driven strategic plan is created to:
  • develop a set of characteristics that define the dance community in three key contexts: internally as a group, in the eyes of the general public and in the context of a cultural workforce (labour)
  • develop a clear vision of what the future will look like if dance artists are successful
  • develop goals and objectives to guide actions and decision-making in the long-term
  • educate and empower a large group of dance artists in collective action strategies
  • develop a long-term working document that can be viewed by the public, by public and private sector funders, by governments and is transparent
CADA/West is most successful when it is:
  • well-funded
  • supported by a strong, active membership
  • aware of the broad and diverse dance milieu, its changing needs and its effect on membership
  • providing a platform for members to connect with each other
  • maintaining a robust inventory of resources, toolkits and information for members and sharing this information in easy to understand formats
  • facilitating the sharing of information through peer learning and mentorship
  • building programs that subsidize training, goods and services, and dance spaces
  • maintains its dedication to the rigorous upkeep of tools and resources
  • participates in local, provincial and national initiatives focused on increasing awareness about dance and/or the arts in general and ensures membership is aware of these events and participates in these events whether that be in person or electronically


Summary of Strategic Plan Goals

Three key areas were identified by the membership as being of value and importance. A summary of goals related to these three areas are as follows:

1) Membership/Inclusion

To develop a code of conduct or framework of responsibilities for membership.
To include this code of conduct in the process of obtaining or renewing a membership with CADA/West.

2) Connection/Livelihood/Relationships/Gathering

To provide meaningful opportunities for members to practice their art in the context of a broad and diverse community.
To organize directed gatherings on topics of interest to the practice of making dance.

3) Resources/Tools/Sharing Information/Mentorship/Subsidy/Professional Labour Standards

To seek out better ways to disseminate tools, resources and information that the membership can access.
To continue to build out the programs already provided such as the TSP and subsidies on goods and services, and to look for ways to subsidize space.


Action Plan 2015-16


develop membership standards that outline responsibilities
build group cohesion and a sense of community
build a sense of responsibility
build visibility in the community

Actions – Members

sign off on a code of conduct during the renewal process that suggests actions for increasing community cohesion, building responsibility and building visibility in the community (see attached suggested actions)
Utilize pilot Studio Subsidy Program (SSP)
Support letter-writing to MP’s in advance of federal election.
Support a CADA/West initiative at Dance in Vancouver 2015

Actions – Board and Staff

streamline join/renewal process to implement code of conduct and action items
transition to online application/renewal process
transition to online Training Subsidy application process
create shared learning opportunities through CADA Conferences and Cafes to build action items and matrix of responsibilities for achieving goals
outreach into diverse dance communities for membership and awareness of Studio Subsidy pilot program.
undertake board development initiatives through Vantage Point to identify key areas for enhancing board involvement.
Develop letter template and mailing list for members to engage in letter-writing campaign (in partnership with CDA)
Creation a provincial election calendar for provinces where we hold membership (BC, AB, SK, YK, ON)

Proposed Actions 2016-19

Goals: 2016-17

Support member-driven programs that align with mission and mandate

Actions – Members

initiate member-driven action plans for networking and shared learning opportunities
initiate the creation of resources and tools that will better serve the membership (ie review Professional Labour standards documents or initiatives)
increase understanding of diverse dance community through attendance at performances

Actions – Board and Staff

Support member-driven action plans for networking and shared learning opportunities.
review 15/16 Strategic goals to determine successes, challenges, opportunities and threats.
review fees & rates document with membership to determine CADA/West minimums.
Renew funding at multi-year level at Canada Council for the Arts
Seek private sector and earned revenue opportunities, create fundraising plan
outreach into diverse dance communities
Pursue relationships with Labour relations arm of provincial government

Goals: 2017-18

Halfway point through Strategic Plan: monitor indicators of success and identify gaps in knowledge or skills.

Actions – Members

review responsibilities and actions laid out in the code of conduct. Determine if changes or edits are to be made.
Evaluate networking and shared learning opportunities from 15/16 through online survey
Determine new schedule of networking and shared learning opportunities in current year
Evaluate CADA/West communications, identify gaps in knowledge or infrastructure
Support a CADA/West initiative at Dance in Vancouver 2015

Actions – Board and Staff

Evaluate fundraising plans, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Renew multi-year operational funds with Canada Council for the Arts

Goals: 2018-19

Implement Strategic Actions from 17/18 review
Engage in stakeholder evaluations and assessment of external landscape
Create 3-5 year Strategic Plan

Actions – Members

Fees and Rates standard review
Participation in surveys and
Review membership responsibilities
Review networking and shared learning opportunities from 17/18, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Actions – Board and Staff

Work with membership to determine the next 3-5 years
Continue to develop earned and private revenue sources
Continue to perform outreach in the broader community and seek valuable partnerships that support the vision, mission and mandate.
Update resources and tools to ensure relevance to a broad membership of diverse dance artists.