Why CADA/West?

dancer Katalina Cruz, singer Vicente Griego, photo Jason Brett

CADA/West… “provides many helpful financial subsidies, as well as resources” – Katalina Cruz

Anusha Fernando, Colleen Lanki; photo Harry Brewster

“I appreciate that CADA/West has a deep commitment to supporting dance in all of its manifestations… I have always felt that my voice and experience are valued” – Anusha Fernando

Kate Stashko; photo Marc J. Chalifoux

“…the advocacy work that CADA/West does has raised the profile of professional dancers in Alberta” – Kate Stashko

CADA/West supports artists from across the dance arts
CADA/West works to improve the socio-economic status of dance artists
CADA/West runs the Training Subsidy Program to support dance & other physical training
CADA/West helps raise employment standards for artists & maintains a Basic Dance Policy & Basic Dance Contract template
CADA/West establishes pay rates for different types of dance work & our Fees & Rates Standards are used by numerous arts councils
CADA/West runs the Studio Subsidy Program to offset the costs of studio rental for dance training initiatives
CADA/West members have a say in our annual survey & are invited to get involved in shaping our programs
CADA/West encourages member-driven initiatives, contact us!
CADA/West provides online resources (over 180!) to help dance artists manage their careers
CADA/West provides free consultations
CADA/West represents its members at political & community meetings
CADA/West promotes dialogue around dance on Instagram & Facebook
CADA/West publishes a monthly newsletter
CADA/West works with other service organizations
CADA/West members receive Professional Discounts from supporting businesses
when you join CADA/West, you automatically become a member of the Canadian Dance Assembly
CADA/West is its membership
CADA/West annual membership renewal is March 31