An inquiry into the future of dance & the role of CADA/West

CADA Cafés invite you to participate in discussions affecting your career in a warm and friendly environement. These free events are open to all members, but are especially useful to new members and early career dance artists. Subjects explored are:

  • Does Movement + Dance = Art? An exploration of what it means to be a professional dance artist in the 21st Century
  • Learning to Dance: what is legitimate training, who decides and why does it matter?
  • Why CADA/West? The possibilities and the necessities for keeping it real and relevant amidst a sea of change

We provide light refreshments and an open-minded atmosphere. Contact our office for more details.

CADA Cafés 2013

Café 1: What does it mean to be a professional dance artist in the 21st Century? See the discussion

Café 2: Training & Maintaining the Form—What Training is Important to Dance? See the discussion

Café 3: Why CADA/BC? What are the possibilities, necessities & values of professional dance? See the discussion

Why CADA Cafés?

Beginning with the premise that if CADA/BC understands what its Membership cares about, CADA/BC will be relevant…we want to hear what Members think about the role of the professional dance artist…especially as the landscape of dance, and the space dance exists within, changes.

CADA Cafés are sparked by many ideas that arose during the 2012 Member’s Unconference:

  • gather Members in a way that creates understanding across dance forms
  • share ideas about professional dance
  • generate strong connections between Members

As we lead into the 2013 Member’s Unconference, we want to bring everyone together to discuss the topics we hear about most…and to seed ideas and connections to take forward into our next Membership year and the 2013 Member’s Unconference.