Helen Walkley

Helen Walkey presents classes and workshops regularly. Please see helenwalkley.com for more info.

Helen Walkey offers classes in Contemporary Technique, Improvisation and Composition for the professional dance milieu and pre-professional training programs.

She also offers facilitation and mentorship to creative projects.

Her Movement Patterning and Laban Studies workshops are intended for, and accessible to, a broad population.

She is also available for private sessions in Movement Patterning. These one-on-one sessions are personally designed to address your particular needs.

Helen asks students to think with their bodies, sense with their minds and feel with their breath. She is curious about the presence of mind, attention, intention and how these manifest in motion. She is known for her forthright clarity, refinement, depth in detail and humour.

for more info and to register:
helenwalkley.com / info@helenwalkley.com