Meet the Staff & Board who turn the wheels for CADA/West...


Jessica Wadsworth

Executive Director

Jessica's been engaged in cultural management for the last 25 years. Based in Vancouver, she has organized and overseen events, tours and exhibitions all over the world, including Germany, Greece, Croatia and North America. She has an overview of culture in a few different regions in the world, particularly an understanding of how culture is managed. She has worked in visual arts, theatre, dance and film, as well as in labour and the green industry.

Victor Tran

Communications & Outreach Director

Victor takes care of the website, News, Instagram and Facebook and contributes to the outreach efforts of the organization.

Deanna Peters

Communications Consultant

After a 10 year stint, Deanna has succeeded Victor and remains as an auxiliary advisor.

Meredith Kalaman

TSP Administrator

Meredith administers the Training Subsidy Program.

Board of directors


Olivia C. Davies

contemporary Indigenous artist


Alexandre Vigneault

engineer, renewal energy sector


Gemma Crowe

independent artist


Julianne Chapple

independent artist


Amanda Collinge

independent artist, accountant, strategic operations manager


Jobina Bardai

independent artist, life coach


Emily Long

independent artist


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