Strategic plan

We envision a world where dance artists are economically and socially celebrated.

See our current strategic plan Opening Doors 2019-24


Our strategic plan was created to...

develop a deeper understanding of the broad, diverse and growing membership that we serve and to better represent their needs.

ensure the board and staff share similar goals and an understanding of the timelines associated with each goal.

continue a relationship of transparency with our membership and potential membership, allowing them to see what goals we would like to reach, enticing them to join our cause.

identify for funders what drives CADA/West forward in achieving our vision.

guide the internal decision-making and values of the Executive Director position.


Our previous Strategic Plan broke down the goals of the organization into three categories:

According to a recent member survey, these are still the most valuable aspects of membership, so these goals remain unchanged. The addition of a fourth goal, Digital strategy, represents a move to increase the capacity of the organization to meets its primary three goals through the use of digital technology.


CADA/West is most successful when it is...


supported by a strong, active membership.

aware of the broad and diverse dance milieu, its changing needs and its effect on membership.

providing a platform for members to connect with each other.

maintaining a robust inventory of resources, toolkits and information for members and sharing this information in easy to understand format.

facilitating the sharing of information through peer learning and mentorship.

building programs that subsidize training, goods and services, and dance spaces.

maintains its dedication to the rigorous upkeep of tools and resources.

participates in local, provincial and national initiatives focused on increasing awareness about the arts and ensures membership is aware of these events and participates in these events whether that be in person or electronically.