It’s been a decade since our last CADA/West members unconference... What's been happening? What are you working on? Anything irking you? How can we better support you in your career?

From March 23–30, we invite dance artists of all abilities, from all forms and at all career stages to come together for a jam-packed series of dance workshops, salons and shows. For those residing outside of MST Territories, please join us for a day of hybrid offerings. All events are FREE!


March 23 @ Morrow

5:00–6:00pm  Pow Wow w/ Nyla Carpentier
6:15–7:15pm  Top Rock w/ Now or Never Crew
7:30–8:30pm  Open session
8:00pm  Aakash Odedra Company @ Vancouver Playhouse

March 24 @ Morrow

5:00–6:00pm  Animation w/ Wonderbread
6:15–7:15pm  *WAITLIST* Contemporary w/ Nick Ventura
7:30–8:30pm  Open session

March 25 @ Morrow

3:30–4:30pm  *WAITLIST* Locking w/ Kiddy & Hiroshi
4:45–5:45pm  *WAITLIST* Dancehall w/ Venom
6:00–7:30pm  Let’s talk about GROOVING w/ light dinner

March 29 @ Morrow & Online

4:30–5:30pm  Regional check-ins w/ Jared Tobias Herring, Erin Walton, Maribeth Manalaysay Tabanera, Johanna Bundon
5:45–6:30pm  Let's talk about DANCE WORK
6:45–7:30pm  Let's talk about NEW PROGRAMS

March 30 @ The Dance Centre

12:00pm  Dancers of Damelahamid

March 30 @ Roundhouse

3:30–4:30pm  Double Dutch w/ Hervé & Rina
4:45–6:15pm  Let’s talk about ________ w/ light dinner

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All events are FREE, but registration is required.

We have very limited capacity. Thanks for choosing only what you can commit to. If you change your mind, please Contact us.


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