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May 2013 Member's Newsletter...

This edition features a message from Jessica Wadsworth, our new Program Manager; our monthly dance citizenship challenge; & Where to post/find out about classes, studios, performances, jobs, events, calls, auditions,,,,,,,,.

A message from Jessica Wadsworth, our new Program Manager

My name is Jessica Wadsworth and I have been engaged in cultural management for the last 9 years. I have worked in visual arts, theatre and dance, as well as in labour and the green industry.

I like to think I have an overview of culture in a few different regions in the world, particularly an understanding of how culture is managed. Based in Vancouver, I have had the pleasure of organizing and overseeing events, tours and exhibitions all over the world—including Germany, Greece, Croatia and North America.

I really like the work I do. It's very rewarding to see my efforts have an impact on a community and that my work is important to culture because it has educational and social merit. I like creating bridges between the higher aspirations of art and the 'real-world' challenges that have to be overcome in order to express something profound. I'm fine with spreadsheets.

I most enjoy working with creative thinkers, artists, intellectuals and anyone motivated. I love it when people come together and everything just gels. I look forward to working directly with the membership of CADA/West. I'm curious to know about people's experiences as they work with their bodies in our busy world.

I am here to support CADA/West in its role as an organization that seeks to improve the socio-economic status of artists. I have a vision for a number of professional development opportunities that I believe are important for dancers. I am going to be meeting with the Deputy Minister of Labour in Ottawa, officers at the Canada Council for the Arts and a number of other organizers who I think are going to make a big difference for CADA/West members over the coming years. I'm very optimistic about the future of our membership.

email Jessica

Speak With Your Feet

This month's dance citizenship challenge...

Become acquainted with what provincial dance service organizations provide (even if you do not live there).

Staying connected with various regional organizations—the services they provide, the events they promote—is a great way to discover what is going on in your field across the country and can provide additional opportunities to post and advertise your events to a wider audience. Peruse these sites, subscribe to their newsletters, to stay informed about training, calls, auditions, performances, rentals, etc.

Alberta Dance Alliance: subscribe to their Dancelines eNews; submit your listing; follow them on Twitter

Dance Saskatchewan: subscribe to their weekly newsletter; submit your listing:

The Dance Centre: you must be a member to receive/post to their Members eNews, however, please see their BC Dance Calendar & BC Dance Directory; follow them on Twitter

Dance Manitoba

Dance Ontario; follow them on Twitter


Le Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD); s'inscrire a leur cyberlettre

Dance Nova Scotia;

Dance Newfoundland; follow them on Twitter

Where to post/find out about classes, studios, performances, jobs, events, calls, auditions,,,,,,,,

When it comes to dance/arts/community resources, there are many types. Some are mainstays: Canada Council for the Arts, an accountant at tax time, your favourite studio to rent. Others keep changing and you have to stay up on them: training opportunities, performances, auditions.

Due to chronic underuse, we have taken down the CADA/West Members' Area. However, we do not want to leave you in the lurch.

Where can you post your events, apartments for rent, calls to artists?
Where can you find out about classes, performances, volunteer opportunities?

Along with the resources listed in the post above, please find below what we have come up with (these services are free unless otherwise noted):

Performance Listings:

The Dance Current: listings

Alberta Dance Alliance: Dancelines eNews

The Dance Centre: BC Dance Calendar

Also look/post in your local daily/weekly paper


CADA/West resources: Training-BC

CADA/West resources: Training-Canada

Alberta Dance Alliance: Dancelines eNews

The Training Society of Vancouver: Working Class: their class schedule & master classes


Canada Arts Connect

Alliance for Arts and Culture: Careers (you must be an Alliance member, or pay a fee, to post)

Alberta Dance Alliance: Job Board

Dance Saskatchewan: Employment Listings

Studio Rentals:

CADA/West resources: Studio Rentals

We are a bit thin here. If you offer space for rent, CONTACT US and we will post.


Alliance for Arts and Culture: Careers (you must be an Alliance member, or pay a fee, to post)

Art Rubicon: Opportunities


Alliance for Arts and Culture: Volunteer

Read our advocacy post on volunteering at dance events in Vancouver

Contact any organization that you are interested in volunteering for. They would be happy to hear from you!


Craigslist (we know this seems obvious, but this is the best place)

AND, let's not forget social media. Some of us are conflicted with hearing of its virtues, but it does really work for promoting your art and expanding your awareness of what others are up to. Not sure how to get started? See this post on our site by Sabrina Furminger.

Do you know of any good places to post/find resources like classes, performances, auditions, calls? We secretly wish we had a listserv, like John Newton's in Toronto. Do you have a strong sense of what is going on in a particular region?

Any thoughts? Any questions?


CADA/West and its Members,

ensuring dance remains vital to our culture.

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