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December 2013 Member's Newsletter

In this month's edition, please find a link to the Canada Council's Yes I Dance...Survey & info on our See More Dance Raffle. As this is our last newsletter of the year, we also re-cap our previous newsletters, highlighting some of our posts, profiles & advocacy challenges, and feature a report by Jessica Wadsworth on her tenure so far at CADA/West.

Yes, I Dance...Survey

You’ve probably already heard about The Dance Mapping study and the Yes I Dance Survey, developed by the Canada Council, in consultation with many other groups, in an effort to quantify the massive reach and impact that dance, in all its forms, has across the country. All dancers, choreographers and teachers over 16 years of age are invited to participate.

Complete the Yes I Dance Survey

Additionally, recent census info says cultural demographics in Canada are changing drastically --> we are moving towards cultural plurality. It is forecasted that in the next 25 years we will cease to exist as a culture with a majority population and many smaller visible minorities. Instead, we will exist as a nation with multiple, equally distributed cultural groups. So, CC is trying to map who, what, where, when and why people dance so they can build strong, intelligent, rationale arguments for funding dance in the future.

Complete the Yes I Dance Survey

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Our newsletter & website POSTS give insights into managing a professional career in dance, as well as updates on CADA/West programs and services:

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Are there any aspects of CADA/West's programs that you have questions about? contact us!


Our PROFILES highlight various CADA/West Members, Board & Staff:

CADA/West Business Members & Supporters
Board Member Jason Dubois
Member Jennifer Mascall
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Farewell to Kristina Lemieux
Our new Program Manager Jessica Wadsworth
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Jessica Wadsworth reports from the CDA's National Conference


Our monthly ADVOCACY CHALLENGES, Speak with your Feet, promote activities pertinent to keeping dance vital all year through:

Thank a politician
Register to vote
Celebrate International Dance Day
Become acquainted with what provincial dance service organizations provide
Read Simon Brault's Remarks on Cultural Citizenship
Speak to someone everyday about your art
Attend an AGM
Read RQD's Choreographers Competency Profile
Complete the CDA's Membership Survey

Have you acted on any of our advocacy challenges? We would love to hear of your experiences! contact us!

Report on 2013 at CADA/West

OMG it's almost Christmas?!

December marks the eighth month that I have been Program Manager at CADA/West. I have gone from “checking out” the Unconference at the end of April to “representing the organization” at Parcours Danse recently. Holy moly!

Here are some highlights of my term so far:
  • Unconference success! Many of you came out to talk about our theme 'How will you live and work as a dance artist in the next 10 years?' Now what I need to do is plan a critical path that will see the issues raised turn into strategies for collective action. The next phase of development will centre around CADA members working together to improve results.
  • Dance Response launches it's 2nd year! With a great line-up of shows at a fantastic discount, not to mention our dear past-Program Manager Kristina Lemieux at the helm, this program gets the membership out to shows and facilitates a response discussion after the performance. There's still room to join in on the remaining 4 shows running from February–April. Contact me if you're interested.
  • TSP is alive and well! Don't forget to submit by the 10th of each month.... What? You get a cheque for going to class?
  • Choreographer's Competency Profile --> I'm not kidding, take a look at this thing! RQD and Canada Council recently partnered to make it all happen. I'll be dissecting it for years to find out how it fits within the CADA/West picture. I think peer-to-peer learning is our starting point and I think we can support some time and space for that to happen.
  • Parcours Danse. I recently attended this important conference and had a fabulous meeting with Lorraine Hebert, the Executive Director. Not only does she have a wealth of experience after 10 years running RQD, she is also an incredibly astute organizer. We talked at length about building connection between members and then between CADA/West and various levels of government. What I took away was that dancers in Quebec are in extremely good hands and are very lucky artists, and that it's possible to build CADA into something much larger (RQD is 30 years old, so we have lots to look forward to).
  • And at this point, I'd really like to take my holidays! Please purchase a CADA Raffle ticket for $10 (or 3 for $20) before December 16th! Hey, you never know.
All the best,

Jessica Wadsworth, CADA/West Program Manager

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