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February 2014 Member's Newsletter

This month's edition features Taxation Resources: Yippee!; communications news & tips: Where's My Free Facebook?; and our monthly dance citizenship challenge To Create Dialogue Around Dance.

Taxation Resources: Yippee!

It's that time of year, so we thought we'd get you thinking about filing your income tax.

See the taxation resources we've compiled on our website (we could still use a few more, so if you know any good ones, email us).

Communications News:
Where's My Free Facebook?

Are you on Facebook? Have you been using it to promote your work? Have you noticed a decline in engagement of late? See this article on changes to Facebook and how they might be affecting your business:

The End of Facebook?

These changes, called greedy by some, are to increase ad sales on Facebook. Have you considered buying ads on Facebook? The company will be announcing a new campaign structure March 4:

Facebook to restructure its advertising platform

As your free Facebook posts may only be reaching 1% of your followers, this month's communication tip is to try multiple approaches and platforms to promote your work: Twitter, Hootsuite, HTML emails, Instagram, YouTube,, etc. We have info and links on all of these services in the Resources section of our website, under Promotion.

Speak With Your Feet

This month's dance citizenship challenge...

Create Dialogue Around Dance.

As performing arts coverage continues to drop in newspapers and other traditional media, there is an opportunity, with the rise of new media platforms, to redefine how we create dialogue around performing arts. See how these folks are doing it:

- discussions on training and more, Mascall Dance:
- visual mosaic of dance, Yvonne Chew:
- articles, research, Justine A. Chambers:
- dance advocacy, articles, Tonya Lockyer:
- weekly show, Evi-Dance Radio:
- wealth of resources, Dance Alive:
- hip hop dance news, The Dancers of Toronto:
- dance in Edmonton, by Jennifer Mesch:
- The Guardian's Dance Blog:
- Columns, videos, listings, The Dance Current:
- talking about past work, Radix Theatre #ThrowbackThursday:
- what to see, Kristina curates Vancouver art & culture: subscribe
- dance podcast from Montreal, Dirty Feet:
- dance interviews from a Toronto bathtub, Bathtub Bran:
- dance podcast from Edmonton, I don't get it:
- publication, The Dance Centre's Dance Central:
- learn a dance online, #HandDance by Stephen Petronio:
- web project, BodyTalk by Deanna Peters:
- blog, Dancer's Studio West:
- articles from NYC, Critical Correspondence:

There are many examples out there, including our very own Advocacy Blog and Resources. Share your sites with us and we will share with our communities.

Link to your colleagues, collaborators, favourite artists from your site(s). The strength of a site in search engines like Google is determined by many factors, including how many people link to your site from theirs. When posting content online, including press releases, make it as interactive as possible.

By pooling our resources, sharing our knowledge, challenging our ideas around dance and baring our passion, we will keep the form vibrant and alive for all to see.

CADA/West and its Members,

ensuring dance remains vital to our culture.

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