Submission instructions

Please see these instructions re: submitting online applications for Membership and our Subsidies programs.

Tip: before you begin, ensure that you have electronic copies of all of your documents and/or receipts (scanned originals, .pdfs, .jpgs, etc.).

  1. Please ensure that the file names of your documents/receipts are entirely unique to our system. They cannot be repeated from any previous attempts to use our online forms, whether it was five minutes or five years ago.When submitting subsidy applications with multiple receipts, please include your name, title, and date on each receipt. Additionally, use a numerical identifier to differentiate between multiple receipts. For example:
    • [YourName_Title_Date_001.pdf]
  2. Go to the online form for the program you're submitting for (Membership, TSP, SSP, CSP) and complete the member details section of the form.
  3. Proceed to the relevant sections (drop-in classes, class cards, workshops etc). Attach your documents/receipts in the spaces provided.
  4. If a single attachment refers to receipts in more than one section, attach the receipt once and specify the multiple dates you are submitting for reimbursement according to the dates of the class or drop in.
  5. You must make your calculations correctly (for example, number of drop-ins X $5 or 50% of the cost of a workshop).
  6. At the bottom, total your calculations from all sections and state the Grand Total.
  7. Click submit. You should receive a message stating that your form was submitted successfully.