Training Subsidy Program

Jamee Valin; photo Yvonne Chew

TSP Submission Form

We request that all applicants carefully review the TSP Guidelines prior to submitting an application for subsidy.

Having difficulties with the online form? See these Instructions.

About TSP

Many dance artists across Canada do not have the luxury of attending ‘company class’ for their daily training and the financial burden required to maintain peak condition can often be stressful. Available to CADA/West members in the Professional Dance Artist and Emerging Dance Artist levels, our TSP offers subsidy for various types of training to support dance artists in their pursuit of personal, professional and/or artistic excellence.

An applicant may be reimbursed the following amounts within the guidelines of the program:

  • $5 for each drop-in class (up to $100/month)
  • 50% of the cost of each workshop/intensive (up to annual membership level limit: $400–$500)
  • 50% of the cost of a class card (up to $100/month)
  • $200 awarded annually for Special Training

Receipt Deadlines

Receipts are due on the 10th of the month at 5pm PST. Receipts may pre-date submission by two months. Older receipts are not eligible.

TSP Submission Requirements

The following is required on ALL receipts in order to receive reimbursement:

  • your name
  • type of training (ballet, yoga, pilates)
  • date of training (class/workshop/activity)
  • location (city & business name/service provider/teacher)
  • cost of training
  • a brief description on the receipt of the training (ie. 10 class card, drop in class, monthly pass, guest artist workshop, yoga monthly pass, gym membership)*

*Please ask your service provider to detail whether you are purchasing a 10 class card, a single class or monthly pass.

Please be aware that credit card statements, bank account statements and membership agreements are not a sufficient form of documentation.

If you regularly submit receipts from Harbour Dance, the credit/cash pay stubs that you receive when you pay for class are not sufficient. Please ask Harbour Dance to email you a record of your classes and submit this form. You can also login to your account through the Harbour Dance website and print these forms yourself. Harbour Dance will be able to assist you further with this process.

If your submissions do not include all of the above information, they will not be approved.