Studio Subsidy Program

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The Studio Subsidy Program provides financial support towards the cost of renting a studio to present dance training.

Available to Professional and Emerging members, SSP encourages members to provide dance training opportunities within their communities. The program is especially beneficial to members who reside in areas where there may not be access to regularly scheduled dance training.

SSP will reimburse eligible CADA/West members for training initiatives that are open to ALL other CADA/West members and does not directly support choreographic research, creation or rehearsals. Our funding dictates that this program be used for training initiatives.

SSP Application Form

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Applicable SSP initiatives can include regularly scheduled training opportunities like classes and workshops. It is extremely important that CADA/West members have priority in registration. If there is a cost associated with taking the class/workshop, CADA/West members must receive a discount. We recommend at least $2 off each class, or at least 15% off a workshop.


Program Limits

$200 – Professional Dance Artist
$150 – Emerging Dance Artist


Receipt Deadlines

SSP intakes occur bi-monthly: May 10, July 10, September 10, November 10, January 10 and March 10.

You will be eligible to receive reimbursement for $7 per hour of studio rental. For example, a receipt for 16 hours of rental at $20/hr will result in a flat reimbursement of $112 (16 hrs X $7/hr). We can not take into consideration the sales tax paid.


Application Process

  • you must be a current CADA/West member to apply
  • please get in touch to discuss your initiative at least one month prior to the first class or workshop
  • only one person per initiative can receive the Studio Subsidy Program reimbursement; the person who’s name appears on the studio rental receipt(s)
  • the online form must be completed in full and electronic copies of your studio receipts attached to the online form; receipts must include your name, date, address of the studio and studio cost

Non-Applicable activities include studio costs for training outside of Canada, training in yoga, pilates or other body work that is not a form of dance, training in passive body work (massage, physio etc) and teacher training.