Studio Subsidy Program


Lexi Vajda; photo Yvonne Chew

Studio Subsidy Emergency Measures

1) We’re modifying the SSP guidelines to reimburse for any studio rentals, not just for rentals for training initiatives. This will operate as a one-time Studio Renter’s Relief of $250.

2) We’ll accept applications to this program from April 10–30, so that people can pay studio rent on May 1. There’s fear of people losing their studios right now, so this is what we’re trying to address.

3) Supporting documents include receipts for rent payment, or if there is no receipt given by the landlord, then an email confirmation of funds transferred.

Please note: if you’re part of a company/collective paying a single portion of shared rent for a studio, then you don’t access this per individual company/collective member, but as one entity.

SSP Application Form

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.