Maho Sakai; photo Shawn Kim

Vision: We envision a world where dance artists are socially and economically celebrated.

Mission: We pursue resources, opportunities and partnerships that empower dance artists.

Mandate:We achieve our mission through the maintenance and development of our core programs, in consultation with our members and stakeholders:

  • Training Subsidy Program for dance artists
  • setting professional Fees & Rates Standards for pay and working conditions
  • creating contract templates like the Basic Dance Agreement
  • providing professional tools and Resources for managing a career in dance
  • providing Outreach opportunities for dance artists to network, collaborate and share resources with one another
  • maintaining partnerships with similar organizations that support dance and the cultural workforce

History: CADA/West’s been supporting dance artists for over 20 years!

  • 1992 Workers Compensation coverage established for BC dance artists through membership letter writing campaign
  • 1997 First version of CADA/BC Basic Dance Agreement
  • 1999 Incorporated as a provincial organization
  • 2000 Training Subsidy Program established
  • 2001 2nd version of CADA/BC Basic Dance Agreement
  • 2002 Professional Contemporary Technique Classes & Workshops initiated
  • 2006 CADA/BC becomes a member of the Standing Committee for the Performing Arts for SHAPE BC (advisory organization to WCB BC)
  • 2008 Communityzero, online Members site, launched through CADA-ON
  • 2008 First version of CADA/BC Fees & Rates document
  • 2009 CDA joint membership initiated
  • 2009 3rd version of Basic Dance Agreement
  • 2011 Dance Response Program
  • 2012 updated Fees & Rates Standards
  • 2012 Members’ Unconference
  • 2013 name changed to CADA/West, to incorporate growing membership
  • 2015 updated Basic Dance Agreement
  • 2015 members voted to update Fees & Rates Standards minimums to refect a unifed national average with CADA-East
  • 2017 initiation of Studio Subsidy Program
  • 2019 increase in Training Subsidy Program reimbursement amounts
  • 2019 initiation of Childcare Subsidy Program
  • 2020 emergency measures & funds in response to COVID-19