Fees & Rates Standards

Safety, respect and financial security are established through recognized and agreed upon standards.

Our Fees & Rates Standards facilitate contract negotiations and recognize the value of experience and expertise in the individual artist. We reinforce that a minimum rate is a starting point, not an end point!

Fees & Rates Standards Document

Luis G Canton w/ Compaigni V’ni Dansi; Tom Weibe

Documentation & Research: Our Fees & Rates Standards are generated from national arts resources and CADA/West Membership statistics. They are used by numerous arts councils and should be considered as the lowest possible rate when applying for funding. As most successful funding applications are only partially funded, we recommend using rates higher than these when submitting funding requests.

April 2015, CADA/West voted to increase minimum fees for dancers to refect a unifed national average with CADA-East.

In March 2011, we conducted a survey of these Standards. Using that information, we updated the document October 31, 2012. Please see these supporting documents from the background work done on those changes:

2011 Survey Summary – Dance Artist Responses
2011 Survey Summary – Engagers Responses
2011 Survey Summary (prepared by Member Jennifer Law)
2012 Professional Standards & Agreements Advisory Council Recommendations
(including the Teacher’s Fees & Rates Task Force Recommendation)

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have in regards to this document or fee standards.