Collaborator Worksheet

This worksheet via Heidi Taylor of Playwrights Theatre Centre is a research tool to articulate your creative style and needs as you consider your creation process preferences and how to communicate these to your collaborators. If we understand our similarities and differences from the outset, it’s easier to consciously collaborate in ways that stimulate the best work from everyone. Answer honestly – it’s up to you what you choose to share with collaborators. If you don’t know the answer to some of the questions right now, write them down to consider for later. You can think about these questions from a creative and technical/production perspective.

What is your style and experience as a collaborator?

The basics:

  • How many performances have you been involved in?
  • How many involve creation from first impulse?
  • What are the primary roles you have played in your creative projects?
  • Who are your most frequent collaborators?
  • What sites do you think of first when you think of making a performance?
  • For new projects, where do you seek your inspiration?

Practical communication information:

  • How do you like to share creative ideas? (via email, formal meeting in quiet space, coffee shop, over beer, sharing written documents, phone or skype meeting, sharing digital media)
  • What time of day are you most creative?
  • What time of day is best for meetings? Rehearsals? What duration?
  • What is the earliest and latest you like to be contacted on a work day?
  • What is your usual email turnaround? What does “right away” mean for you?
  • Do you text for work communications? Any parameters for responding after hours?
  • How do you like to share production details/actions that need to be completed?
  • What is your preferred document format? (PDF, Word, Google doc)
  • What document sharing systems do you regularly use? (Dropbox, Google)
  • What is your conflict resolution style (assertive, passive, conciliatory)? Think of a time when you were really happy with how a misunderstanding was resolved. What did you do?
  • Are there any sensitive triggers or access features your collaborators should know about (dietary needs, child-care needs, chemical sensitivities/allergies, fluorescent lighting sensitivities)?
  • Are you easygoing or strict about meeting times?
  • Have you shared your pronouns?

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