Yolanda Triana

Vancouver, BC


For over 20 years, I have produced garments and costumes for dancers, musicians, actors that allow freedom of expression while dazzling audiences.

You and I meet to co-create the piece you want to use while performing. I will guide you to the various fabrics (e.g.: weight & flexibility of the material) that would allow movement and fluidity, easy to move with them; we will talk about the era of a specific garment(s); colours suitable for outdoors, stage (e.g.: lighting); we will discuss how to clean the garment(s) and how to store them to last longer and to have them ready for a later season/performance.

I also construct/produce accessories such as headpieces, shoes decoration, props and much more; I also repair garments that you may have sitting in your closet or you would like to wear but need a little adjustment or upgrade.

I work with the artist to create one-of-kind garments by selecting fabrics and designs that will complement and enhance the expression of your art: pinterest.ca/The_Art_of_Jhoy