Acknowledging our Shared Territory

Acknowledging our Shared Territory via the Galiano Conservancy Association is a short film featuring local Indigenous leaders that delves more deeply into the subject of Territory Acknowledgments. Although the film focuses on Galiano*, it provides perspectives that are relevant to communities across Turtle Island**.

*Galiano was named after a Spanish explorer. While there are many Hul’q’umi’num names for specific bays, hunting and harvesting areas on the island, we do not know of any Indigenous name for the entire landmass that is known as Galiano.

** Based on an Ojibway/Anishinabe creation story, Turtle Island is what many Indigenous groups refer to as North America. Like Territory Acknowledgments, its current usage is an act of reclamation that emphasizes that North America (named as such by Spanish explorers) was inhabited before the arrival of Europeans.