Always Have a Contract!

You always have a contract when you engage in any type of dance work, right?

A contract is the foundation upon which any employment situation builds success. Whether the contract is a single page or a 50 page document, it exists to serve us.

A contract establishes the vital components of a working relationship:

  • It defines WHAT the job is (providing a schedule of hours including location(s); outlines the duties/services required of the “employee”; states the fees to be paid for the duties/services provided by the “employee”, etc.)
  • It defines the RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES of both contract parties
  • It defines LINES OF COMMUNICATION (who will questions/issues be conveyed to if there is a problem during the contract; if the contract fails, what happens…etc.)

CADA/West’s Basic Dance Agreement program consists of 2 documents; a basic 3-page contract template & a 23-page set of guidelines:

Basic Dance Contract
Basic Dance Policy

The Basic Dance Agreement documents are complimented by our Fees & Rates Standards which set minimum rates for different types of dance work.

These documents are available to our Members and the dance community at large. We invite all dance artists to take these documents with them into new employment opportunities for reference, education and as a resource during contract negotiations.

Always have a contract!