Speak to someone everyday about your art

Speak With Your Feet

Speak to someone, everyday, about your art. Talk about dance with those you love, as well as to complete strangers.

How often are you confronted with questions about what you do as a dancer? How do you respond? Are you quick to change the subject?

As professionals working in a time of severe marginalization of the arts – cuts to funding, arguments in the media and political arenas that they do not significantly impact on society — we are at risk of losing income, infrastructure and audiences.

If we do not talk about dance, who will?

To raise the general awareness of dance, and all of the arts, we need to speak passionately and articulately about what we do and how it contributes to society.

Through speaking about our art at a grassroots level we can deepen the larger community’s understanding and enjoyment of it; making the arts an issue that a greater number of Canadians deem is important to support and to vote for.

Next time someone wants to hear about what you do, engage them with all of the conviction that you put in to your work in the studio.