Status of the Artist Act

The Department of Justice’s Status of the Artist Act respects the status of the artist and professional relations between artists and producers in Canada.

Status of the Artist Act: General Principles


The Government of Canada hereby recognizes

(a) the importance of the contribution of artists to the cultural, social, economic and political enrichment of Canada;

(b) the importance to Canadian society of conferring on artists a status that reflects their primary role in developing and enhancing Canada’s artistic and cultural life, and in sustaining Canada’s quality of life;

(c) the role of the artist, in particular to express the diverse nature of the Canadian way of life and the individual and collective aspirations of Canadians;

(d) that artistic creativity is the engine for the growth and prosperity of dynamic cultural industries in Canada; and

(e) the importance to artists that they be compensated for the use of their works, including the public lending of them.

Policy statement

Canada’s policy on the professional status of the artist, as implemented by the Minister of Canadian Heritage, is based on the following rights:

(a) the right of artists and producers to freedom of association and expression;

(b) the right of associations representing artists to be recognized in law and to promote the professional and socio-economic interests of their members; and

(c) the right of artists to have access to advisory forums in which they may express their views on their status and on any other questions concerning them.

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