Advocacy Tool Kit

From the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance, this document is a great community tool kit to help organizations and individuals advocate for the arts.

Anyone who cares about arts and culture can learn to advocate for their importance.

Art advocates can help elected representatives, institutions, service groups, community leaders and fellow citizens understand the economic and social impacts of the arts and cultural sector and show how increased arts opportunities and activities benefit their communities. They can persuade members of decision-making bodies to enact decisions favourable to their cause or to defeat or rescind unfavourable decisions.

Because there are many competing requests for public and private funding, facilities, resources and support within a community, it is important that those who care about the arts create a strong voice at the community level. Decision- makers need to know the views of their constituents in order to set priorities and plan for the future.

Arts advocates should remain confident and unapologetic knowing that support of arts and culture is an investment in community development – not a handout.

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