Choreographers Competency Profile

Put out by Le Regroupement quebecois de la danse (RQD) the Choreographers Competency Profile presents the results of an occupational analysis focused on the profession of the choreographer and breaks down the subskills and important actions associated with each of the skills listed. This document also contains the Chart of Competencies for Choreographers:

“Artists who practice this profession can refer to both documents in order to have their expertise recognized, as well as to evaluate their skills and determine areas where they could pursue additional training.”

“For dance service organizations, these documents are a useful tool to identify ongoing training needs, and can also be used to develop a specialized choreography training program.”

“For dance companies and producers, these documents can be a useful guide to hire choreographers and write up contracts.”

“Finally, during negotiations aimed at improving work conditions, the Competency Profile and Chart of Competencies for Choreographers can serve as a reference tool and can help to determine the content of agreements among the parties concerned.”