You may have heard that under the new Elections Act, Elections Canada cannot promote voting, so it’s up to us to raise awareness of the upcoming election. #ArtsVote resources are available here.

Attend an AGM

Speak With Your Feet

Attending an Annual General Meeting is a major service for dance companies. Your attendance is recorded and reported to funders that financially support these companies. Often companies like...

2013 Resource Round Up


Our newsletter & website POSTS give insights into managing a professional career in dance, as well as updates on CADA/West programs and services:


Report on 2012 at CADA/BC

Hi CADA/BC Members,

It is my pleasure to serve you as Program Coordinator of CADA/BC for just over two years. What an incredible time. I am proud of the work we have...

Thank a politician

Next month BC heads into provincial elections. We encourage you to take a few minutes to handwrite a thank you card to our politicians. Let them know how government funding means jobs, creative...

Join a Committee/Advisory Council

Are you an advocate for professional standards in dance?

Great at fundraising?

Passionate about training?

Looking to develop new skills?

Plenty of organizations rely on the contribution of committee members. Check company websites for info.